Ellyahnna C. Wattshall

Graphic Novelist, author, visual artist, model, stage actress

Following Butterflies 1st edition


Christina's body is changing she's growing into a woman. She's just a girl that loves butterflies, clothes, shopping, and hanging out with her friends. Most of her day consists of finishing out her last year of high school, taking care of her little brother Gibby, painting and college searching. Christina is by most accounts a regular young woman, she just happens to be transgender.

As she gets closer to completing her final year of high school, Christina attempts to cope with a flood of emotions. Her once happy family seems to be struggling to hold together. Her father has hardly come home since losing his job and her mother doesn't seem to want to talk about her father at all. Christina's grandmother, whom she has always admired doesn't come to visit anymore. All while dealing with the emotional changes that come with a growing into a woman.

Plagued by feelings of possibly being the cause of her family's problems, Christina has become determined to protect her little brother Gibby as much as she can.

If things weren't complicated enough, she finds herself falling for David- a new student to the school. She wants to tell him how she feels but doesn't know if he would be willing to date a transgender girl.

What she really wants is to be her parents loving daughter, her little brother's big sister, David's girlfriend and to get into a good college. Christina is just a simple girl coming of age and like a butterfly she too must transform and spread her wings.

The Upside 
A graphic novel
book 1 Storms

TBA expected release 2016